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Student Wellness Initiative is an organization focused on bringing positivity and optimism to the social media outlets that are so widely used by today’s new generation. While social media is generally a great form of entertainment and a fruitful platform for users to share their narratives and perspectives, the ongoing pandemic has led to a wave of students who feel disconnected at home and are having a hard time confronting the situation as a whole. COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live our lives and has compelled us to rethink and relearn about our actions and our choices. This is completely expected as we slowly but steadily adapt to living with the pandemic. However, in order to help assist our community in learning how to transition into a new time, we want to use our platform to unite the community together and ensure that people recognize they are not alone during this pandemic. We are encouraging this by creating and sharing meaningful posts and insights that highlight self-care and edification; followers and users can interact with and collaborate with these posts so they can feel part of an online community and have a safe space during these uncertain times. At the same time, our platform is also designed to inspire students to take on new challenges and to continue learning at home, whether it be for their intellectuality or for their own mental well-being.


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