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How to stay informed without experiencing media burnout

Here, we're going to try to make this as non-political as possible. Student Wellness Initiative aims to radiate positivity into our environment. Positivity in the world can become challenging when there are world issues that affect many people. However, it is human nature to want to know everything that is going on, it is normal to want to be informed. You simply cannot turn a blind eye to some things.

We're going to discuss three ways to stay informed without allowing it to take a toll on your mental health.

Take a break.

Taking a break from reading the news should never make you feel guilty. Designate time periods to unplug from the world to keep your stress in check.

Change how you consume.

Sometimes, news on the TV can be upsetting because you are exposed to things you do not want to see, such as graphic visuals. Alternatives to this could be listening to the radio or reading online articles.

Give to a cause.

When we see all of this negativity, it can commonly leave us with a sense of helplessness. Is there a cause that speaks to you? Do something about it. Advocate for the cause in your community, sign petitions, donate, write letters, go to a protest, just do something. Working to better a situation rather than reading about it in isolation can be reliving.

also, if you're looking for ways to help today, click here :)

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