Online Investing: A Great Way to Earn Some Income Over the Summer

Summer 2020 was supposed to be the summer where I had a part-time job working to make money over the summer, so by the time I returned to College, I would have to worry less about financial troubles and have a stable account for the future. However, the global pandemic that caused millions of unemployment claims also took a toll on my employment opportunities; in order to properly social distance and avoid spreading the virus to my family, my parents and I discussed that it would be admissible for me not to work this summer and stay at home. That being said, I still wanted to find a way to make some money over the summer so I have more spending security when I go to college.

Is there an easy and suitable way to start?

After talking to some friends and looking into ways to earn some money, I saw that online investing is in fact a great way to increase your capital without having to leave your house. I currently use the free app Robinhood, an investing platform that helps me safely deposit my money into the stock market and steadily increase my capital investments. Robinhood is a great way to earn money over the summer and is actually quite easy to get started with. The app has a very practical and foolproof user interface that makes it convenient and straightforward to utilize. The app itself provides an abundance of resources that show you valuable and credible information/analysis to help invest your money strategically. The app is designed to help guide budding investors to strengthen their portfolio, so don't feel intimidated by the overwhelmingness and vast variety of what the stock markets have to offer.

What if I don't have enough money to invest?

While there has been a notion or perhaps even a stereotype that you are required to have a large number of funds or capital to start investing, that is actually a common misconception by the public; Robinhood, for example, allows you to start investing with even a minimum of ten dollars. The app is a great platform for beginning investors who are looking for new ways to earn money. Even with limited funds, it's still reasonable to invest in various equities and earn solid profits. If the app doesn't have many resources or information about particular stocks and ETFs, it is very easy to google the company and look for market and financial news that will help you make a decision on how to diversify and grow your portfolio. Especially with the power of the internet making it easier to keep up with the financial news, you will be able to keep up with the pace of the markets and slowly familiarize yourself with investing.

If this sounds intriguing to you and seems like a reliable way to earn some income, download the Robinhood app and start investing this summer. Right now is the time to take advantage of the markets as we are slowly recovering from the economic downfall during the pandemic. Use my code to join and you will get a free stock courtesy of joining Robinhood!

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