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Things you can learn online during quarantine!

COVID-19, also known as a sentence to being forever stuck in your house, has put an abrupt stop to the social lives of many students. If you're like me, you learn and get inspired from observing other people and the talents they have. Right now, we really can't see people, but you can still learn new things at home online too!

TED Talks

TED Talks are a GREAT way to learn new things, whether it be a skill like public speaking or learning about a new approach to everyday life. A playlist of TED Talks that I'm currently watching can be found at

Resumé skills

There are a bunch of institutions offering free courses right now! If you're a student looking to get a leg up on your competition, this quarantine is the perfect time. For more information, check out

Practical skills

While you may be limited to learning skills through a conventional method, skills such as cooking or painting can be easily learned online! These can easily develop into a fun hobby or a future career if it really grasps your attention! Find your new hobby at !

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